Elegantly Simple ReTreats

We make your visit to Asheville unforgettable

Elizabeth has had a passion for food since being old enough to stand on a chair in her grandmother’s kitchen. Now, with a bachelor’s degree in Baking & Pastry arts, and Hospitality management, and a decade of experience in the food service industry, Elizabeth wants to share her talents and passion. She has made her mark in establishments ranging from small craft and high-end bakeries, to family owned 4 star restaurants and corporate resorts.  Her experience and work ethic has taken her all over the east coast of the United States, working in New York City, Nantucket, Providence, and Asheville.  She also called Barcelona home and spent time exploring Europe, experiencing all types of cultures and foods.  Elizabeth understands the service, attention to detail and quality that her clients expect. She prides herself in finding new ways to be creative while still paying homage to tradition.  Elegantly Simple ReTreats was born of Elizabeth’s desire to make your visit to Asheville relaxing, rewarding, and memorable.